Ok! We’re back!


We are back!!!!!!!!!!! After a long time without posting anything on the blog we are happy to be back on the web, especially since we have so many great news to tell you guys! Moreover, as Halloween is now behind us, we are allowed to talk about Christmas! Yes!

I must say that the last few weeks have been crazy for me : I guess I was wrong thinking that starting a business AND a PhD at the same time wouldn’t be so hard. Well, yeah… I guess I will never learn that there actually are just 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. BUT I am the luckiest girl in the business world : as I have been concentrating on university stuff for a while, my GENIUS business partner seems to have planned the (near) future of Objets Mécaniques quite amazingly! Therefore, thanks to Ariane (M.L), as for now and until Christmas, we are fully booked with great events!

One that we are particularly ecstatic about is certainly the Renegade Christmas Fair in Brooklyn. For one, it will be our first time showing in the US and we can’t wait to meet with fellow artisans from across the border. But also, the Renegade represents for us something really special as it has always been what we would be picturing when dreaming of starting our own little business. It is crazy to think that a little part of our big dream wasn’t so far after all! Plus, going to Brooklyn equals road trip equals fun. What more can we ask for?

We will keep you updated on the other fairs we will be attending very soon. But for now, visit the Renegade website for more info : http://www.renegadecraft.com/brooklyn-holiday-info

-Ariane O-P.

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