Julie and Mat, your bed is coming very soon!


As you may know, in the last weeks, we’ve been spending most of our time trying to get our website settled. But we have also been working on something rather exciting : we are building a bed out of black walnut for a client and it’s looking pretty good at the moment! It is always a thrill to see one of our design come to life as we build it. I guess that excitement is actually what makes us so much in love with our job ; the fact that our job as designers doesn’t end on the drawing table, but continues throughout the building process up to the delivery to the client. Therefore, meeting clients that are open-minded and who understand well what we can offer is probably for us the best gift of all.

On top of that, as this project made us learn new woodworking skills, which is always a plus, it also allowed us to add some new tools to the family (and THAT feels like Christmas). So we are proudly welcoming to our shop a new Makita circular saw and a new biscuit jointers! Woohoo!

– Ariane O.P

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