That’s it. Our very first post! My God, we are so thrilled!

We couldn’t wait to see this site coming true! Because this little space on the web may be new but the whole Objets Mécaniques thing has been in our hearts for a very long time…

Oh, architecture school feels so far away! It seems like ages since we spent long nights in school, our hands glued on tiny balsa models, getting way too anxious over a simple elevation. That time is already blurring and yet, that’s when everything began. Indeed, at that moment, we both knew we loved architecture but felt something else was waiting for us. And we knew we would have to create that other thing we couldn’t still quite define.

Last spring, we thought it was time to do something about it. And we are still working on it, trying to put our little business into the world… Our heads are filled with crazy ideas, we have that great love for wood and wood machine, and (best of all) we have the same name. Yeah.

Thanks for following us and come back often!

 – Ariane & Ariane


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