Where our furniture is built





For over a year now, our furniture and objects are being built in a woodshop nested in the countryside, near Victoriaville (Qc). Beds, dressers, cutting boards, tents for kids and others are all crafted by the talented hands of Yvan and Laurence in these bucolic surroundings. We recently visited them in order to pick up walnut beds, dressers and nightstands – all of which we just delivered directly to our customers on the East Coast and in Ontario.

We dream of shooting all of our products over there, in nature, where they come from. Note to ourselves: this has to be done very soon…



It’s a… dresser!


The walnut furniture family is happy to welcome a new member! A dresser is now joining the bed and the nightstands in the bedroom. Who (what!) should be the next member of the family? Any ideas?

Visit our online store for details regarding this new piece of furniture. Next production for the walnut family starts in Fall 2014. Interested? We are already taking orders: contact us!

A glimpse inside “Comme des Enfants”

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Here are a few pictures of our work at “Comme des Enfants”. To see more, we suggest you visit this charming boutique : 122 Bernard Ouest St., in the Mile End in Montréal. There, you will see our very first store decor and a few pieces of furniture we made especially for it. Even better, you will discover beautiful objects that have been tastefully chosen by the adorable owner, Marie-France Simard.



The opening of a new store for kids


Come and celebrate with us the opening of Comme des Enfants! It’s a nice initiative from a talented new friend of ours who knows how to select the perfect toys, clothes and furniture for kids between 4 and 10 years old. Lucky us : we were asked to design and build the whole interior of the shop! This turned out to be the best assignment we were ever given. It’s going to be a nice day, full of nice people and beautiful objects. We can’t wait!

Where : Boutique Comme des Enfants | 122 Bernard Ouest, Montréal, H2T 2K1
When : Saturday April 12th | 1pm to 5pm